1. Consistency between marketing material and landing page

Whatever marketing campaigns you implement (email, ppc or social media for example), always make sure your landing page mirrors exactly the content, design and colour scheme of your marketing material. By doing so you will reassure your visitors who will immediately recognise your brand and stay on your page longer.

2. Check your page load time

Nothing’s more annoying to web visitors than having to wait too long to view the content of a page. In fact they will leave the page if it is not completely loaded after a few seconds. To help you optimise your page load time, Google has a free tool to help. Follow their recommendations and see your performance improve rapidly. For a more detailed analysis of your website go to seositecheckup.com. It will give you a prioritised list of recommended changes to improve your page load time.

3. Reassure your visitors

Display your accreditations on your landing page as well as a short list of your most renowned clients. This will reassure your visitors if they do not know your company too well yet. This is particularly recommended for PPC campaigns where your ads will show to random people.

4. Simplify to the maximum

Don’t make it complicated for web visitors to navigate through your page. Make sure it is not too busy and all important information can be found easily. If your landing page has a contact form keep the required fields to a minimum. Less is more when it comes to conversion rates.

5. Good calls to action

Make sure you have good call to actions throughout your page. The buttons need to look good and be clearly visible. They also need to be relevant to the type of actions you ask from your visitors. If you are running an ecommerce website, call to actions should be Add to basket or Order now for example.

6. Special offers

These can come together with your call to action buttons. For example if you have an Order now button just add a special offer underneath: ‘Order now and get free delivery ‘ or ‘Order now and get 10% off’. Alternatively if it is lead generation you are after, offer your visitors a free guide or promotional item in exchange for their contact details.

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