Most of you have probably already experienced a huge volume of clicks with very few conversions while running display ad campaigns on the Google network. Does it mean that display network advertising is not working for you? Not necessarily. If your landing page is well optimised for conversions, a high volume of clicks may just […]

Once you’ve set up your account, campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords you will need to regularly review your account performance. You will obviously have decided from the start how you want it to perform: growth (increase the number of visitors to your website), profitability or break even. If for instance you’re running an ecommerce website […]

The conversion optimiser is a Google Adwords feature that allows you to specify your target cost of acquisition for each adgroup. There are a few prerequisites to be able to use it: You need to be able to track conversions. To do so you will need to install a code provided by Google in the […]

The display network is a group of websites where you can show your ads. Ads can be displayed in various formats including banners, text or video. Campaigns can be set up through the Google Adwords interface. You can choose to appear simultaneously on the Search and Display network or just opt for one or the […]

Another way to appear several times in search listings is to register your business to Google Places. This can only be done if you have a single or multiple business locations (up to 100). This is ideal for retail or hospitality businesses. To get started simply go to . It’s a free listing and […]

If you’re running an ecommerce website you can boost your sales by having your products listed on Google shopping results. The good news is both your Google ad and shopping result can show for a particular keyword, doubling your chances of sales. To get your products included in Google Shopping results you need to add […]

Landing pages are extremely important for many reasons: First of all, they’re part of the Google formula to calculate the quality score of your keywords. The content of your page needs to be closely related to those keywords to get a higher score. Hence the importance of having a specific ad and landing page for […]

Once you have a good list of keywords, you will need to create your first ads. Your text will be limited so you need to find something that is both appealing to potential customers and also true to what your business does. Remember that you want only relevant users to click on your ads. If […]

Negative keywords are extremely useful when you’re working with broad match. You can add them to a list at adgroup or campaign level where you can specify keywords you don’t want your ads to appear for. For example if you have the keyword Jewellery as a broad match in your campaigns but are not selling […]

Match type is the possibility to determine when ads will show for a particular keyword. There are 3 different match types: broad, phrase or exact. Let’s take an example with the keyword Copper Jewellery. Broad match Setting it as broad match means that your ads can appear if someone types Blue Copper Hand-Made Jewellery. As […]