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Email marketing: the spam question

The success of all organisations is obviously linked to good teamwork between all the various departments. But two of them really need to hit it off to make things work: sales and marketing. And even more so in organisations where sales rely heavily on marketing generated leads to increase the company revenue. Here’s how to […]

1. Consistency between marketing material and landing page Whatever marketing campaigns you implement (email, ppc or social media for example), always make sure your landing page mirrors exactly the content, design and colour scheme of your marketing material. By doing so you will reassure your visitors who will immediately recognise your brand and stay on […]

There are over 105 million domain names in the world today with a 20% increase every year. Building a website is now easier and quicker than it has ever been. So easy that some of the basic requisites are sometimes overlooked, especially when it comes to choosing a domain name. Here is some advice to […]


France recently introduced a norm for customer reviews and ratings over the internet. To get the NF accreditation on their website, businesses will need to follow guidelines provided by the AFNOR (French association of normalisation) certification company. Labelled NF Z74-501, the rules for websites wanting to be part of the scheme are: Each person leaving […]

The first question that you need to ask yourself before logging into your Google Analytics account is: what do I want to achieve with my website? While it sounds pretty obvious for ecommerce websites (sell more products), it may be different for others. But in the end, it is all about getting more exposure for […]