The success of all organisations is obviously linked to good teamwork between all the various departments. But two of them really need to hit it off to make things work: sales and marketing. And even more so in organisations where sales rely heavily on marketing generated leads to increase the company revenue. Here’s how to […]

1. Lead generation for your sales force Start a lead generation program to offer them the best qualified sales leads possible. But remind them these are still only leads and they will need to go through the same process as for a cold prospect. Except this time they will know more about them and they […]

Building a successful sales team is not just about finding the right people and throwing them into the lion’s den. It’s about shaping them and teaching them about your products and services and helping them get better at selling them every day. Make sure they know what they’re selling Too many sales people think they’re […]

One could wonder if there is still much difference between sales and marketing in the 21st century. The two functions seem more and more intertwined nowadays and it is a certainty that selling has changed a lot over the past decade and a salesman cannot rely anymore on mere abstract persuasion and charm as it […]