Make it easy for Google to find out what your business does

Are you selling vending machines? Help Google find out easily that it’s your activity. Where are you selling, to whom? What machines are you selling? Who are your partners? Who are your current customers? Have them rate your machines. Don’t be lazy. If you’re not too good at writing copy, hire a good copywriter to write all this for you.

Are you part of a vending association? Do you have any other certifications? Put that on your website. Have an About Us page where you will describe who your company is, your values and what you do. The Google robots will find it and it will help them understand better what your business does and how to categorise your website.

But even more importantly it will help your users know you better. Once again, you need to always think about your users. Give them what they’re looking for on your website. Position yourself as a trustable company. Make your website easy to use for anyone. This is the basis of a good quality website which ultimately Google will like.

Web design

When creating your website always remember that the web designers will be good at all the technical stuff but will never know your business as well as you do. That’s why you need to be the one providing the copy for your website. Don’t trust web design companies who claim they will optimise your website.

Only trust your judgment and write all the content yourself. Provide them with as much material as you can (logos, accreditations, white papers, user testimonials). Discuss the structure of your website with them. Make sure it includes a site map and a search facility.

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