The algorithm itself is the best kept secret in the world and it will probably be forever. The only thing we need to know is that it’s getting more refined every day. Which means that SEO practises that would ‘fool’ Google a few years ago no longer do. What do we know about Google’s latest algorithm releases Penguin and Panda? That Google can now detect cheats more easily and this is what they will keep doing year after year. Once again the idea behind this is to offer their users the best search results possible.

Penguin now helps detect grey SEO practises like poor quality purchased inbound links, keyword repetition or page duplications. Websites using these tricks have been greatly penalised with the latest update. But should it come as a surprise? No. Because as soon as you think SEO instead of quality when it comes to your website you can be sure your good rankings will be short-lived. So why even try to outsmart Google? Once again just do what you know best: write about your business and make this content engaging to your users.


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