So why is email marketing regularly dismissed as a useless channel or a waste of time? Its death is announced every few months in blogs but marketing emails keep flowing in everyone’s inboxes.

The reason for this dismissal is simple: a big misconception of what email marketing is or should be. And this misconception comes from the fact that some marketers haven’t accepted that email marketing has changed within the last ten years.

Because everyone is now inundated with email communications it takes much more effort to stand out from the competition. But regardless of what some people say email marketing has never been so alive and profitable. Everyone just needs to accept that email campaigns cannot be run as they were ten years ago with millions of emails sent to random prospects bought from email marketing companies. The approach needs to be much more refined these days to see some positive results.

And all in all email marketing remains the most valuable channel when it comes to customer retention and loyalty. You will find a few tips in the following pages to get the most out of your email campaigns.

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