Social media have been a big part of everybody’s lives for a few years now. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn are amongst the top ones when it comes to active users and daily visitors.

So is it important for your business to have a presence on those websites? How do you engage users on these platforms to increase your sales and popularity? What can you really achieve through presence on these websites? How much will it cost you? How can you manage to turn Facebook ‘likes’ into new customers? And more importantly, what will be your return on investment (ROI)?

This is the main online marketing challenge these days: turn your social media hard work into profitability. Some will argue that Facebook users are a waste of time and only a small portion are actually interested in your products when they follow your company. This is the one thing that needs to be understood from the beginning: turning those followers into customers is a long term process that can involve a lot of different marketing techniques.

The same applies to other social media channels like LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter. Users on most of these channels are not actively looking to buy something, they’re just here to enjoy themselves. Which makes it more difficult to turn them into customers. But difficult does not mean impossible. You will just need to tailor your marketing approach to these specific channels. And try to market and sell without them even noticing it.

In the following pages we will look at the paid and free options to advertise your business on those social media platforms and how to turn your followers into new customers and achieve a great ROI.

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