Your first impulse when starting an Adwords campaign would probably be to put all your keywords in one single adgroup. Which would be wrong. Let’s get back to the jewellery example and assume that amongst other things you’re selling silver and copper jewellery. Having all your keywords in the same adgroup would mean several things: […]

Your Google Account has the following structure: Account / Campaign / Adgroup. Most of the time you will only need one account which can contain up to 10,000 campaigns (it was only 25 up to recently), 20,000 adgroups per campaign, 5,000 keywords per adgroup, 4 million ads per account, up to 3 million keywords per […]

The very first step before creating a campaign is to find keywords related to your activity, keywords people will type in search engines for which your business should be seen. A few tools are available to help you find these like the Adwords Keyword Tool . How does it work? Select your country, type your […]