Now the next big question is: what should the emails I send be about? What should they look like? Quality A great email design is paramount. Use nice glossy pictures, nice fonts and an engaging email template. This is the best way to be seen as a quality brand and not as a spammer. Even […]

Studies show that 25% of people unsubscribe from a company’s emails because they receive too many of them too often. Although there are no definite rules when it comes to email frequency, it is probably recommended not to exceed an average of one email a week. Or 4 to 5 a month. However, frequency will […]

Once you have chosen your email platform and collected some email addresses it’s now time to start segmenting your data. Users & prospects Separate prospects and users in your database. A prospect is someone who just gave you their email address but with whom you haven’t done any business yet. You don’t know much yet […]

Once you’ve started collecting those email addresses it is now time to start sending some marketing emails. The first step will be for you to find a good email platform. Having used quite a few different ones over the past few years I can say that in terms of usability they are all pretty similar. […]

Have a simple process in place While it’s sometimes difficult to obtain the full contact details of your web visitors those people will most of the time agree to leave their email address if you offer them something in return. The good old ‘if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back’ idiom will always […]

Once you’ve set up your account, campaigns, adgroups, ads and keywords you will need to regularly review your account performance. You will obviously have decided from the start how you want it to perform: growth (increase the number of visitors to your website), profitability or break even. If for instance you’re running an ecommerce website […]

The conversion optimiser is a Google Adwords feature that allows you to specify your target cost of acquisition for each adgroup. There are a few prerequisites to be able to use it: You need to be able to track conversions. To do so you will need to install a code provided by Google in the […]

The display network is a group of websites where you can show your ads. Ads can be displayed in various formats including banners, text or video. Campaigns can be set up through the Google Adwords interface. You can choose to appear simultaneously on the Search and Display network or just opt for one or the […]

Another way to appear several times in search listings is to register your business to Google Places. This can only be done if you have a single or multiple business locations (up to 100). This is ideal for retail or hospitality businesses. To get started simply go to . It’s a free listing and […]

If you’re running an ecommerce website you can boost your sales by having your products listed on Google shopping results. The good news is both your Google ad and shopping result can show for a particular keyword, doubling your chances of sales. To get your products included in Google Shopping results you need to add […]