There are several options available when it comes to advertising on Twitter.  The first ones are through the Twitter Ads self-serve platform. These ads work on a cost per click (CPC), cost per impression, cost per engagement (CPE), cost per install (for apps), cost per video view or cost per follower (CPF) basis. Signing up […]

Twitter is another social network characterised this time by the brevity and high frequency of people’s posts. The term often used for this platform is microblogging. Tweets consist most of the time of a short comment sometimes followed by a link, picture or video. One could say it’s basically like the post system on Facebook, […]

This is where we get into the more familiar territory of direct lead generation and sales. All advertising options on YouTube will give you the possibility to link to your website and try to capture essential information about your users or alternatively sell directly to them if you have an online store. Below is a […]

According to YouTube themselves there are over 800 million unique users visiting their website every month. But is YouTube a good platform for business opportunities? You can undeniably make money from YouTube but can it really be used as a marketing channel in its own rights for your existing business? Can it help you generate […]

To boost your business even more, why not try LinkedIn advertising? These ads appear on the right hand side of the page. LinkedIn’s ad revenue keeps growing year after year (+46% in 2012) which means that more and more businesses are using their PPC program. But what sort of return do they get from it? […]

LinkedIn is often classified as a social media site but is it really what it is? Certainly not in the same sense as Facebook. LinkedIn is more of a professional networking platform. One or the other it is clear it’s becoming increasingly popular with a reported 33.9 million monthly visitors as of June 2011. So […]

Having thousands of Likes for your Facebook page is nice but does not help you grow your business. To start turning your Facebook activity into profitability, you will need to turn those Likes into leads or sales. There are several ways to do this but generally what you will need is to obtain some form […]

1. Invite friends, colleagues and customers to like your page Don’t be shy, your friends need to be your first followers. Send them a simple message introducing your business and ask them to kindly like your page. Not sure they will be interested in your posts? Tell them they can hide them in their newsfeed […]

In 2012, Facebook went past the 1 billion mark for active users in the world. A tremendous achievement within only 8 years of existence. Some will argue that Facebook’s definition of an active user is misleading but even so the numbers are still colossal. With over $5 billion revenue in 2012 mainly from advertising they […]