Having thousands of Likes for your Facebook page is nice but does not help you grow your business. To start turning your Facebook activity into profitability, you will need to turn those Likes into leads or sales. There are several ways to do this but generally what you will need is to obtain some form of contact details from those Likes or simply try to turn them directly into sales.

From Likes to email marketing

A great way to achieve more sales from Likes is to try and switch to another marketing channel, which could be email marketing. But to be able to do so, you will need those ‘likers’ to give you their email address. How will they agree to do that? Offer them something special for their email address: a discount on your products or services or a competition with a great prize.

At this stage you have 2 options: send them to a customised Facebook page where you will ask for their email address or send them to a page outside Facebook specifically designed for this offer. Some will argue that people will be reluctant to leave Facebook when they click on a link so if you opt for the second option, make sure your landing page has a Facebook look and feel. Also remember to display the terms of use for the email addresses collected.

Get personal

Your posts will usually generate questions from your likers about your products and services. Monitor those and more importantly answer them personally. Send links to your products pages, pictures, anything to help the potential buyers make up their minds. Also monitor your wall as some customers or likers will post on it about your company. Just try to avoid turning it into an after sale forum. Make sure you have a banner on your Facebook page telling everyone where to go for customer service.

Develop an app for your Facebook page

More and more businesses now give you the possibility to order products or book something directly from their Facebook page. This will require some investment but will probably be worth it as this time we’re not talking about generating a lead from a Like but a sale from a Like. Give a special discount to customers who order directly from your Facebook page.

Facebook Offers

Below is a great example of the things you can now do with Facebook. You can now post special offers on your wall with a special code that will be sent directly to the personal email of the clicker. Facebook won’t share the prospect’s email address as it’s all done internally which will help increase trust and your conversion rate. Note that you will need a minimum of 400 Likes to implement offers and a budget to run these campaigns.

Link to your website

The easiest thing to do is to create a tab with your products and post about them. This will be quick to implement as the Order Now button will take people directly to your website. Once again make sure there is a special incentive for Facebook users.

In conclusion Facebook is a great platform if you’re selling consumer goods. It will help you increase brand awareness and sales as long as you manage to keep your page fun and interactive. The main difficulty is not to increase the number of likes but to make sure your followers are actually interested in your products and services originally and then convert them into sales. And with a good strategy you should be able to achieve great results for your business on Facebook.

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